Using the best shipping software on the market comes with numerous benefits! Read this article and discover everything you need to know!

 If you want to really improve your supply management techniques and strategies, you should definitely take a look at the shipping aspects of your business and you need to see them as more than just a business cost. Transportation management and shipping software technology can provide an impressive ROI for any manufacturer, shipper or distribution business.

Using the best shipping software on the market comes with numerous benefits and in this article, we are going to share some of those benefits:

  1. Warehouse management – There are a few ways that transportation management systems can significantly improve warehouse management. One way this can work is through a successful integration with WMS or a warehouse management system or ERP or enterprise resource planning system.
  2. Inventory management – TMS or transportation management system can significantly improve how you control and manage your inventory because the shipping information that the transportation management system complies can share a lot about your inventory to support in anticipating future inventory needs.
  3. Improved delivery – You need to keep in mind that a TMS is not just about finding and getting the cheapest shipping rates, it is more than that. You can use it to improve the way you ship your products.
  4. Better cash flow – Will you agree with us that the right transportation management system should include a small parcel auditing and a freight payment solution offered as part of the service offerings. By using the payment, as well as, the auditing services offered by the TMS service provider, you can pay a small part of what you would pay per invoice and this is only if you used auditing and payment services separate from you TMS vendor.
  5. Better customer service – The customer service is a really important part of any business industry or niche. For shippers, one of the simplest ways to make one customer upset or annoyed is to have late deliveries. If you want to keep your customers happy and satisfied it is important to use small parcel or carriers that will be able to get packages delivered on time. The best shipping software will help you analyze carrier and ensure all of your packages are delivered at the right time at the right address.

If you want to simplify or improve your shipping process, shipping software is the answer to your problems!